Yoganotch Makes use of AI To Assist You Enhance Your Yoga Apply


As with many exercises, there is no point in doing this unless you are doing it correctly. This is because using the wrong shape can sometimes actually lead to injuries that may worsen the situation or be less effective. However, since not all of us can afford to pay for courses and personal trainers, this can be a bit difficult.

If you want to practice yoga and practice at home, but would also love it. If you have instructions, you may be interested in Yoganotch. This is a sensor that can be worn on your clothing that, through the use of AI, is able to teach users and give them personalized guidance on their technique.

The fact that it is a relatively small piece of technology and can be worn with almost any form of clothing, which means that you don't need any special equipment or sportswear. It also means that you can take it anywhere, even when you are on vacation and want to take a few hours of practice.

The Company Is Expected To show more of the technology at CES 2020 that we will be visiting, please contact us for more details.

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