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In early 2019 the upcoming Wolfbiter (real name Sammie Anderson) Wave-EP about Recall Records . Now The Wave EP has received remix treatment from a variety of producers in many genres.

The Wave Remix EP contains remixes of PERSES Goldplate James Dece Migz AYOO and khthonic together with a special VIP mix from "The Wave". The genres are spread across the entire spectrum and give The Wave tracks a nice reinterpretation.

PERSES and Migz take the track towards heavy dubstep and hybrid bass, with screeching synthesizers and powerful drums giving "The Tempest" and "The Deep" (respectively) a completely new note. These two remixes are undoubtedly set to trigger a mosh pit with every DJ set.

Wolfbit's own VIP from "The Wave" retains the great melodic elements of the original, but increases the energy for a harder version of the track. This VIP is straightforward heavy, with an intense and imaginative sound design that demonstrates Anderson's great talent as a producer.

Goldplate and AYOO's remixes are more bass house-oriented, slow down the pace and deepen "The Wave" a bit. The epic nature of the original track still shines through, but these two producers take the song in a different light that is just as effective.

James Dece takes a similar approach with "The Wave", but a section with refreshing pauses in his remix gives it an almost old-fashioned feel, brings new energy and provides a fantastic rework of the original. In the second drop, a half-time section ensures that the listener stays on the go.

The remix EP is rounded off by khthonic, whose remix is ​​omnipresent – in a good way. Constant energy shifts coupled with the retention of the ominous melodies in "The Wave" give the remix by Khthonic a unique and cutting-edge sound.

The Wave Remix EP certainly satisfies the experimental bass itchiness, but also has something to offer for everyone, from shufflers to headbangers. The EP was released on Recall Records and can be found here.


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