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Wendy Williams is ready to leave the past behind, as her divorce from Kevin Hunter not only added to her stress, but also "took a toll on her mood."

Wendy Williams & # 39; s, 55, divorce from her husband of over 20 years, Kevin Hunter has been an incredibly lengthy affair since the talk show hosted her in April The tension was understandably tough for Wendy as her lawyers continue to work out the final details. "Wendy's team of lawyers worked on her divorce and did her best to try to make things final last week, but ultimately didn't," a source close to Wendy EXCLUSIVELY said HollywoodLife , The tiresome process really got Wendy down, but she holds it together despite the pressure she feels.

Her divorce "really stressed Wendy and it certainly takes a toll on her mood," the source continued. "She was very, very stressed out on the days she was involved." Fans of the bubbly presenter of the talk show of the same name are used to seeing Wendy so bubbly, tactful and ready to discuss her favorite hot topics. But behind the scenes, when she deals with her breakup, things change.

And Kevin didn't make it easy for Wendy either. Not only was he "angry" that she discussed her personal life on her talk show, he also sought spouse support in May of this year. Wendy has maintained a strong front throughout the ordeal and remains professional on set. But even those who are close to her can see what Wendy is going through.

"You can tell a difference when she deals with it day after day, not because she can switch from a great spirit and loving life to fighting at the push of a button," the source continued. But Wendy, of course, has high hopes as the process finishes. "She's so excited to leave it all behind and start the next chapter of her life."

As fans know, Wendy filed for divorce after rumors said that Kevin, whom she married in 1997, cheated on her. Afterwards, Kevin had an illegitimate child with his lover and left Wendy to confirm the message. The couple share a son, Kevin Jr., whom Wendy routinely floods on their show. For Wendy, this part of her life is almost over and fans can’t wait to see her take on her new single life!


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