Why Selena Gomez’s Philanthropic Journey to Kenya Is Unforgettable


Selena Gomez is spreading well this Christmas season.

Earlier this week, fans learned that the singer and her close friend Raquelle Stevens were on a weeklong break in Kenya with a "fantastic" team on WE.

On Instagram photos, followers were able to watch the duo, which visited elephants with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and meet students from a girls' school.

"On one of our afternoons, we had the opportunity to bead up jewelry with a group of local mothers, even though we did not speak the same language, we had the best time together and could connect via the eye. Laughing and hugging, "Raquelle said on Instagram. "We also visited two of the WE schools, and the Secondary Girls' School and the WE College have moved us from the stories we've heard, inspired by the intelligent, confident girls we've been spending time with."

She continued, "I've learned that attending a secondary school with only 41% of girls is a great privilege, and the girls we've talked to are so grateful for the opportunity to learn and we need to see that this number is increasing. "

Selena's last trip may not be the biggest surprise for the fans. After all, the actress is a longtime supporter of the WE organization.

"I've known this organization for over six years," she told E earlier! News at the WE Day California Event. "I know the people behind it and know how much effort they put into encouraging children to do something."

Selena continued, "Not only do you make incredible money for people around the world, but they are actually focused on children around the world who want the opportunity to give something back."

Towards the end of the year, the 27-year-old is grateful for everything she has and how far she has come. Maybe her trip to Kenya was just the icing on the cake.

"This year was really very, very powerful for me, I can say that I'm so proud of how hard I've worked and that I really am. I'm looking forward to sitting back with my family and enjoy everything and turn it off, "she told InStyle. "I always just think about what happened and where I want to go in life and hope for the best."

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