Wendy Williams Says She ‘Can’t Wait’ To Be Again On Her Speak Present Regardless of Nice Vacation Trip With Beloved Ones!


Wendy Williams is someone who really loves her job, which is why she is not afraid of the end of her short vacation. The opposite is the case!

She had a great time with her family in Miami over the holidays, but now she seems to be very excited to be back on her talk show!

The hostess made it clear that she already missed her job and is looking forward to the great New York return.

She told all of this in a post depicting Miami International Airport.

She also wrote: "Thx Miami, but I can't wait to get home!"

Wendy spent Christmas with her lover in Miami, which she really needed when she divorced.

She went on to tell her followers that "I miss the show and my routine so much". The family is great, but ok bye! I'm in the lounge trying to find out who has the best soul food for New Year's Day. In my culture, certain foods stand for health and money THIS day. Do you know this tradition of the 19th century? "

The star's followers quickly interacted with her, answered her question, and added other fun facts.

It makes sense that Wendy wants to really start the new decade!

After all, 2019 wasn't exactly the best year of her life, and it's what she really needs to start over.

As you know, her marriage to Kevin Hunter ended after more than two decades!


The talk show host filed for divorce after learning that her husband had not only cheated on her, but even made his long-time lover pregnant.

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