Wendy Williams Can’t Wait To Come Again From TV Present Break


Wendy Williams had her first vacation time as an almost single woman. The Wendy Williams show star loves hanging out with her family, but can't wait to sit in her big purple chair again.

Wendy recently shared a photo on Instagram where she trusted the followers and asked about their New Year traditions.

"Thx Miami, but I can't wait to get home!" I miss the show and my routine so much. The family is great, but ok bye! I'm in the lounge trying to find out who has the best soul food for New Year's Day. In my culture, certain foods on that day represent health and money. Do you know this tradition of the 19th century? "

This year has been her biggest challenge so far. The 55-year-old is no longer with Kevin Hunter, but no longer has a son who comes home and for whom she cooks because he is attending college.

Since it is only Wendy and her cats, she has to feel lonely – regardless of her new social life.

Because Wendy absolutely loves what she does, she can't wait for the winter break to finish discussing all hot topics, having fun celebrity interviews, and giving her viewers the best deals on goods during her trendy In the Wendy segment.

Although she had a great time in Miami, Williams would have liked to get the best gift from everyone: a divorce settlement.

However, there are rumors that her angry ex doesn't make things easy at all.

Wendy's lawyers thought they might end sooner rather than later, but that's not the case at all.

The unnecessary stress definitely takes its toll on the media mogul


Hopefully Wendy will receive a New Year's blessing in the new year that will permanently separate her relationship with Kevin.

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