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Barack Obama melted the hearts of the United States again, this time taking the time to meet a little baby from his golf trip to Hawaii!

Baby, meet the former President Barack Obama 58. Obama, meet the baby. The sweetest networking took place on a golf course in Hawaii when Obama paused from the tea box to greet a three-month-old baby named Riley Lewis ! The child's aunt, Andrea Jones captured the precious moment in front of the camera and shared the video on Twitter on December 19. In the clip, the 44th US President presents his golf entourage to the baby and his family and exclaims that Riley is a sweet cake. Little Riley is then handed over to Obama, and the former POTUS reminded us of why he was so popular during his time in the Oval Office. You can watch the video here.

"Come on, baby. It is a sweet cake ", Obama enthuses to Riley and then cooed:" How are you? How are you? "Given his good sense of humor, Obama couldn't resist throwing in a few jokes:" She waves … I can't feed you, no baby, I can't. "The video ended with Obama giving the baby a presidential kiss on the forehead and saying Riley was" adorable ". Riley's aunt later wrote about the chance encounter on Twitter: "President Obama gracefully stepped forward and asked to hold on to my niece Riley. He played golf in Hawaii. My niece is the GOAT time."

This is not the first baby Obama has met on a golf course! When a fan hit the green at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai, Oahu on December 22, he filmed the former Illinois senator who gave birth to another baby. This little boy was only five weeks old and was called Levi who rocked a reindeer onesie for Christmas. Once again, Obama made us faint with his baby talk and ability to speak to children as if they were colleagues in the White House. "You were eaten, weren't you?" Obama asked the newborn.

The island of Oahu is a popular tourist destination for Obama, who has made it a tradition to take his wife and former first lady Michelle Obama 55 and their daughters Malia with them. , 21, and Sasha 18, for every Christmas break on the island. Obama landed on December 16 with a private plane in the tropical state. This is a sentimental place for Obama as he spent much of his childhood and teenage years on Oahu, where he attended and graduated from the island's prestigious Punahou School.


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