VISA Warns About The Malware Exploit At Gasoline Stations Throughout North America


VISA is now aware of a potential attack on the payment system (card reader) that is used by multiple gas stations across North America.

The main goal of a malicious attack by a cybercrime group is to gain access to the dealer network at these gas stations.

As soon as they have access to the network, customers can use it to collect card details from the Internet.

Of course, this is a dangerous exploit to be taken care of. Surprisingly, some of the gas stations are still using older card systems, which could be an easy target for this type of hacking attempt.

ZDNet reported that VISA has already investigated the problem and identified incidents that appear to be the case.

If you find that the payment system supports chip-and-pin compatible cards, use is safe. And if you find that a merchant is using an outdated payment system, you must encourage them to update it immediately.

VISA has also instructed to provide chip-and-pin compatible card readers before October 2020.

If gas stations with outdated card readers do not update their system within the specified period, they will be held responsible for attacks on card fraud – if available. This should also encourage merchants to permanently improve their payment systems.

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