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If you thought the history of the $ 7,000 Apple Pro Display XDR could not be more ridiculous, get ready for the proverbial cherry at the top: the company insists that you only have the only special cleaning cloth use that comes with the monitor. If you lose it, it is recommended to order another.

When Apple unveiled the high-end monitor in June, considerable annoyance and ridicule arose among long-time users, who were already under attack because of the ever-increasing price of its products. Of course, there are many expensive displays – Apple sold the display for $ 5,000, the stand separately for $ 999 and an optional "nano-texture" coating for an additional giant.

Wait until you see how much the associated Mac Pro costs.

Technically speaking, this is not a "coating" but an ultra-small scale surface etching that is said to result in improved image quality without the drawbacks of a fully matte coating. "Typical matte displays are provided with a coating that scatters the light. These coatings, however, reduce the contrast and at the same time produce undesirable opacities and shimmer, "it says in the product description. Not so with the nano-texture.

Unfortunately, the uniqueness of the glass requires special care in cleaning.

"Use only the dry polishing cloth supplied with your display," says the support page "How to clean your Apple Pro Display XDR". " Never use other cloths to clean the nano-textured glass. If you lose the included polishing cloth, you can contact Apple to order a replacement polishing cloth. " (Since no price is given, I have asked Apple for more information.)

If you clean an expensive screen, you obviously do not want to do that with Windex and a padded newspaper. However, it is not clear what distinguishes Apple's fabric from an ordinary microfiber cloth.

Do nano-scale razors tear down ordinary mortal matter and get fibers into their interstices? Can the nanotexture be damaged by too little softness?

Apple apparently requires a certain amount of courage from consumers who have to pay a lot for something that not only brings uncertain benefits (Apple also acknowledges that the display without coating "designed for extremely low demands" is reflectivity "), But seems to be prone to damage even in the slightest misoperation.

Undoubtedly, the Pro Display XDR is a beautiful display, and of course only those of you who think it is worth the price will buy it. But nobody likes to tinker with his devices, and Apple's devices are more fragile and less easy to repair. The company's specialty cloth may be a small but stupid thing, but it's part of a big and worrying trend.


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