Tom Sandoval Says Lisa Vanderpump Quitting RHOBH Was The Proper Selection – Right here’s Why!


Lisa Vanderpump is no longer part of the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Tom Sandoval, is apparently grateful for that! Obviously, the man thinks that it was the best decision for her and that she is now much more "present" as there is no drama left to deal with.

That makes sense! Before Lisa left the show, she was finally at the center of the huge Puppygate scandal, and everyone was against her on the show, to the point that she refused to film with any of them to avoid the drama.

When Tom attended the Fancy AF Cocktail book launch, he talked to HollywoodLife and told the news agency that he thought his Vanderpump Rules boss had made the right decision to leave RHOBH.

Lisa was no less than 9 squadrons in the cast, the last one was particularly stressful for her for the reasons mentioned above.

"I think Lisa seems to be so much more present now that she no longer has to focus on filming housewives, so she seems to be much more integral to our show with us," Tom said.

When asked about the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season, he teased, "Geez. Well, I have to tell you, this will probably be one of the best seasons ever. It has so, so, so much. There are so many things happening. If you've looked at the substitutions, it's crazy. This is going to be very eventful and we have new actors, new blood and they are all very great. Here is one of them, Max. "


Fans of the show can look forward to a great new season!

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