This Write & Erase Robotic Offers New Wall Artwork Day by day


Reinvent your space every day with the Scribit Write & Erase Robot. This small device draws designs on any vertical surface – and can erase them too. You can use it on your shop window, on your whiteboard in the classroom or on your office wall. So you can always choose a new atmosphere. In fact, this wall drawing robot can create designs from any picture that comes from the Internet. Simply use the connected app to select an image and tell your handy robot what to draw. And surprisingly, this wall robot with only two nails and one plug only requires a minimal set-up. In addition, any marker with a diameter between 0.4 inches and 0.6 inches fits in this artistic robot. Your Scribit comes with eight markers and the robot can draw up to four at a time. There are hardly any limits to creativity.


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