This Secret Storage Underwear Offers Youngsters Superpowers


Bath accidents can be easily solved with the My Private Pocket Secret Storage underwear. These underwear offers a unique design with pockets for discreet storage of clean underwear or hygiene items. The underwear for girls has two pockets, while the underwear for boys has one pocket in each pair. This provides space for hygiene items, towels or anything else a child has to carry with them to feel prepared. Another feature is that the bag is waterproof and can hold a pair of dirty underwear if necessary. In addition, you can add My Back Ups, which are completely seamless underwear – ideal for wearing in any event. This product is also beneficial for children with diseases such as spina bifida, autism, epilepsy, diabetes and incontinence. Essentially accident-proof underwear to save the day and ensure that no child feels embarrassed by possible accidents.


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