This Mild Present Speaker Can Go in Three-Foot Deep Water


What's better than listening to your music? Thanks to the JBL Pulse 4 Light Show Speaker, it is coordinated with lights. This portable speaker emits 360-degree lights that dance with your music. It plays your favorite songs in the JBL sound you know and love, and this LED speaker even delivers sound in all 360 degrees. Wherever you are on the dance floor, you can hear what is pumping out of this illuminated speaker. In addition, it is a waterproof speaker with protection class IPX7, which can cope with depths of up to one meter. In addition, the Pulse 4 offers up to 12 hours of playing time. So your party can last all night and this compact speaker can keep up. If you have other JBL speakers that use Party Boost, you can combine up to two of them with it to get an even more immersive sound.


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