This Good Wall Clock Streamlines Your Day by day Routine


The Citizen Clocks CC5012 Smart Wall Clock makes your life run smoother in a simple way. Hang this smart watch on your wall and then connect it to an Amazon Alexa device. Now you can ask Alexa to set timers for the CC5012 all day long. Set a timer that will get you up in the morning. Or create several so that you can get out of the door on time and go to bed with the children. With this Amazon Alexa watch, you don't need to have another device in your pocket to move around all day. With 60 LED markings on the dial, the device provides a visual marker for countdowns. Whether you use it for a cooking or timeout timer, you know when the time is almost up. When you get this in the mail, just insert four C batteries and you have a smart watch that runs for a whole year.


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