This Excessive Cost Station Can Cost 6 Units At As soon as


The ZeroLemon 135W Extreme Charge Station lets you charge quickly and efficiently anywhere. With a total of 135 watts, this compact portable charging station is a direct hit. It can deliver up to 10 watts for wireless charging and 15 watts for wired charging via USB. The USB-C charging option offers up to 87 watts. This means it can bring your MacBook Pro 15 "from 0% to 100% in just two hours, and you can also use all the ports and charging functions simultaneously and charge six devices at the same time." The device has two USB-C ports, two USB ports and two wireless chargers UL Listed with a smart dual-fan cooling system to prevent overheating and overcharging Reliable, compact and powerful, the 135W Extreme Charger is perfect for everything from your daily life until your outdoor adventures.


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