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When buying a face mask, there is a lot to consider. You want one that fits properly, feels comfortable, and offers effective protection. And if it can be biodegraded or recycled, even better. If this sounds like something to you, check out the CSC01 Copper Shield Copper Face Mask.

By now you probably have an arsenal of face masks at home – one pack of disposable items for emergencies and several reusable ones for everyday use. But sometimes you wonder about the sustainability of your face masks. How long will they be there after you throw them and whether they will land in the sea? The developers of the CSC01 Copper Shield Copper Face Mask hope to offer a stylish, eco-friendly option that will provide superior protection to your typical mask. It's worth a visit.

The CSC01 Copper Shield is available in an avant-garde black design with the company's Swooshy logo on the right. In terms of looks, it is great for professional environments as well as your daily outings. There are five layers of filtration inside the mask: two silk-like layers of polyester fabric, two layers of a hydrophobic material and one layer of copper mesh. The filters are kind to the skin and protect you from dirt, dust and other particles.

CSC01 Copper Shield Elegant face mask for a man

Why use a copper face shield?

Copper and its alloys are antimicrobial, which means they can kill a number of harmful microbes quickly and efficiently. CSC01 Copper Shield has an inner layer of copper and offers excellent protection. The company's Kickstarter page states that the copper Face mask compared to other face masks is a smarter and more effective way to protect yourself from pollution, dust and other particles in the air.

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Why choose a seamless, customizable design?

Face Cover Designs with One Continuous Piece The material – like this face mask – has better integrity in the nose and mouth area. The seamless design provides this protection and allows you to carry out your activities with confidence. In addition, this copper face mask is adjustable. We all had a face mask that was too loose or too tight. Fortunately, the straps of the CSC01 Copper Shield are enough for a secure fit around the back of the head. The rubber bands are also of high quality. This way, regardless of the size of your head, you can be sure that your face mask is the right fit for you.

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Is this modern face cover washable?

Bet. The CSC01 Copper Shield is easy to clean. Put it in a laundry bag and tape it. It goes in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. It's clean and can be worn with minimal effort. You do not need to hand wash this face mask.

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Is this hygienic face mask environmentally friendly?

The outer layers of this copper face mask are made of a silk-like polyester. The company's Kickstarter page states that this material is both recyclable and biodegradable. In fact, all components can be recycled according to certain processes. In addition, this polyester material also comes into contact with the skin and offers a soft, comfortable feeling. A mask that is good for the environment and gentle on the skin? Log in!

In which sizes are these face masks available?

For the best protection, make sure your face masks fit properly. Fortunately, the CSC01 Copper Shield comes in two sizes: medium and large. The medium size is 11.5 cm (5.3 inches) wide while the large size is 13.5 cm (5.9 inches) wide. This provides greater customizability so you can be sure that you have a well-fitting mask.

Which design suits you best?

Do you prefer a mask with a valve or not? These copper masks offer three designs, depending on your needs: one valve, two valves, or no valves. In addition, this design is patent pending and is included in the international WIPO treaties.

I can safely say that we are all looking for face masks that are environmentally friendly, effective and stylish these days. The CSC01 Copper Sheild copper face masks tick all three boxes and a few more. It's a touch of relief (pun intended) to find one that includes copper and has a customizable fit. You should make sure you always have a pair of these face masks in your backpack when you go out.

The CSC01 Copper Shield copper face mask is $ 28.49 and you can pre-order yours from Kickstarter.

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