This Bluetooth Transportable Waterproof Speaker Performs in 360º


Have you always wanted to swim? With the portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker JBL Pulse 3 you can. This compact speaker is completely waterproof and emits both 360-degree sound and light. So you can not only hear your favorite song from every angle, but this waterproof Bluetooth speaker also creates a suitable light show. The Pulse 3 is available in both black and white. He is small, but does not affect his abilities. Unnecessary noise and potential echo effects are suppressed while you respond to voice commands when you have them. In addition, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers up to 12 hours of playing time. So if you party all night long, your music won't end halfway. Or if you are a bit calmer and just want to listen to podcasts during your working day, you can do so.


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