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Our load requirement is increasing day by day. If you use more devices with different charging methods, you will need a all-in-one charger . We have a great option, and you can save over $ 1945 to boot.

This MobilePower three-in-one charger features two high-speed USB ports . and a USB-C connector . It can also be used as a Wireless Charger for any Qi-compatible device, so it's the only adapter you'll need.

Never again power failure.

If you run out of juice and are not near a power outlet, there is another useful feature. It also acts as a 6,700 mAh power bank and should therefore be able to fully charge any phone.

The compact design is the key to its portability. The charger looks bulky on the advertising images, but is only about 5 cm² in size and 1 cm thick, so that it is sufficiently small for a bag or a bag .

The LED display shows how much power is left and what improves the elegant appearance.

The Three-in-One Charger at a Glance:

  • Use the USB-C socket to power your compatible laptop.
  • Use the wireless charger with any Qi-compatible device.
  • Connect it to a 120/240 VAC outlet and even use it abroad.
  • Indicate how much power is left with the built-in LED display.

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