These Japanese Nesting Stools Perform as 1 or 2 Seats


The Japanese Yosegi nesting chairs give your home two seats without taking up a lot of space. These Japanese seats, made entirely of wood, are nested inside each other when not in use. While they are nested, they actually act as a single chair, so they are never inoperable. If you live in a cozy little city apartment, these interlocking stools make it more pleasant to have guests for parties. Your friends will no longer frolic in the middle of nowhere to rest. In addition, these wooden nesting places are beautiful statement pieces. They have an inlaid wood design that includes various types and tones of wood. In addition, the Yosegi chairs each consist of 12 individual, diamond-shaped individual pieces. With a body size of around 21 cm and a width of one meter, these compact seats fit in every corner of your room.


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