The Worth Of OnePlus’ Wi-fi Buds Might Put The AirPods To Disgrace


The market is starting to be flooded with real wireless earbuds. While many made fun of Apple when they launched the AirPods, it quickly became clear that this was a new segment of the market. OnePlus is expected to launch its own pair of wireless earbuds, and they're teasing the price, which could put the AirPods to shame.

According to a post on the OnePlus Instagram account, they are teasing the introduction of their upcoming earbuds that are priced at $ XX.XX. While the actual price has not yet been announced, we can only assume that the price will be below $ 100. Of course, there's a chance it could cost $ 99.99, but nonetheless, at $ 100, it's a pretty good deal compared to some of its other competitors.

That being said, we assume that it is not a really fair comparison to compare the OnePlus earbuds with the AirPods. Apple designed its ecosystem so that pairing its products is easy. Despite the below average sound and price, this is one of the main attractions when buying the AirPods.

For $ 100, however, we imagine that some people may be willing to give up some of these features on a pair of wireless earbuds for the sake of convenience. More details should be announced tomorrow at the OnePlus North event. So drop by us for the updates.

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