The three Summer time 2019 Lingerie Tendencies to Know


Hey, don't roll your eyes yet – underwear goes through trend cycles like the rest of the clothing world, and we have a lingerie expert here to prove it. I don't know anything about you, but lingerie fascinates me because it is a piece of clothing that everyone actually wears, but is never really talked about. It is not necessarily a taboo, but since it is rarely seen, it is not discussed. If you are someone who takes great pride and joy in your negligee drawer, this is quite disappointing.

It is clear that we will deal extensively with summer trends for lingerie – summer trends for underwear, to be precise. We turned to an expert to let us know the 411, where underwear styles are on the rise and, more importantly, are dying quickly. Read on as Sandra Rose, vice president of merchandising and branding at Journelle (one of the best lingerie destinations if you ask me), spills some inside information about the lingerie trends that will win summer 2019 and why.

Don Don't worry, like in the typical Who What Wear fashion, we have sorted out every trend she touches so that you can continue with new trend knowledge and a full shopping cart.


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