The Samsung Galaxy Fold is headed to Canada, with in-store pre-orders beginning right this moment – trendzhq


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a unique smartphone in many ways. The most striking differentiator is that it folds out to reveal a large, continuous 7.3-inch display that hides the seam thanks to a flexible OLED screen. It's also priced at the top end of the smartphone market, which could explain why it only debuted in a few limited markets at launch. However, according to Samsung, customer interest has helped expand this initial availability pool. For this reason, pre-orders are being launched in Canada today.

However, there will be some surprises for the Canadians: The Fold starts in its newest market at $ 2,599.99. This is the price you would pay for a well-stocked computer, but it actually matches the price of the phone in the U.S. when you do currency conversions. Pre-orders are also processed exclusively at the Samsung Eaton Center, Sherway Gardens and Yorkdale in Toronto. Retail sales, which are also only available in Samsung's own retail stores, begin on December 6th. However, customers who pre-order can secure a pick-up on the first day.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold started somewhat unevenly. The first attempt was canceled because several reviewers had problems with their devices. As a result, Samsung has redesigned the elements of the phone. This includes adding caps to prevent dust from entering the crucial hinge component that aids in folding, and embedding a required pre-installed protective cover under the frame of the phone. Our own Brian Heater, however, had a problem with the display hardware within a day with its redesigned test device.

Samsung offers the free "Fold Premiere Service", which includes discounted screen changes and free standard repairs when a problem is not due to user abuse. All in all, the conclusion should be that this is a first generation device, but also a completely unique piece of technology in the market today for those who are willing to risk it.


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