The Rudest Cities In America Had been Ranked


First, let me say: Roommates in New York City, how are you?! Thanks to Business Insider, there was a survey that asked more than 2.00 Americans to choose the five most rude cities in the United States. New Yorkers may well be the nicest people you have ever met, but I do digress. According to this list, New York City was named America's rudest city, followed by Los Angeles. Interestingly, Washington, DC reached 3rd place, followed by Chicago, Illinois (4th place) and Boston, Massachusetts (5th place).

Other notable cities on the list were Baltimore (8th place) and Philadelphia (5th place) at No. 9, Atlanta No. 12, Miami No. 15, Houston No. 18 and New Orleans No. 35.

The very last city on the list was Raleigh, North Carolina. I think if you really say Mediterranean hospitality, you're serious! Other notable cities that are considered "nice" are Milwaukee (49), Providence (48), Rhode Island (44) and Denver (44)! If you are curious, see below:

Click here for the full list.

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