The Greatest New Movie star Haircuts of 2020


So here's the tea: 2019 was a hell of a good year for celebrity hair, and so far 2020 is coming. Hollywood heads that have always been wrapped in long extensions are finally going the way of slim bobs; People let their natural curls flow freely; and colorists do really interesting, bold things with their clients' manes. We're more inspired by the chic celebrity hair transformations we saw in 2019 and 2020 than in previous years combined. So we've rounded up some of the best.

Below is our curated list of the best celebrity haircuts and dye jobs. May these before and after shots serve as inspiration for your next salon move. Oh, and make sure you bookmark this page as we will update the list in real time as soon as we get the wind of a new celebrity hair look. In the meantime, here are our favorites …


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