The Finest Tech Items 2019: Keyboards, Displays, and Work Tech


Enlarge / It's not easy to make everyone happy when it comes to giving. But believe us, anyone could use a password manager.

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Ars Holiday 2019

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Gifts for the budget, gifts for frequent travelers, and gifts for the home have been treated in our 2019 series of holiday gifts. Today we focus our attention on office and general productivity requirements.

Below is another hand-picked set of recommendations based on one-year product testing. These are thoughtful but pragmatic gifts that help you improve the way your friends and family work with technology. From password managers to keyboards to business-friendly laptops, we know first-hand that each of the following products makes productive time a breeze.

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At most workstations, you must have more usernames and passwords than you would like. Instead of clicking the Forgot Password button once a week, 1Password can help you organize and store all your personal and business credentials. As long as you can remember a password, the program does the rest of the work.

1Password stores all user names and passwords, as well as secure notes, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information of your choice in a vault that is secure with AES 256-bit encryption and a secret key known only to you. It also syncs across all your devices so you can quickly log in to one of your accounts in just a few clicks. 1Password also has browser extensions for the most popular browsers, so you can save a new account that you inevitably create anywhere on the web quickly and without much thought in 1Password.

Solid security, seamless integration, and ease-of-use have made 1Password one of my most used daily programs. It has tremendously speeded up my workflow and I spend much less time dealing with temporary passwords and e-mailed security codes. And at $ 2.99 a month, this is one of the cheapest ways to make your work and home life a little easier.

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Nekteck 4-Port USB Charger with 72 W

 The Nekteck 4-Port 72W USB Charger. "Src =" 640x427.jpg "width =" 640 "height =" 427 Enlarge / The Nectack 4-Port USB Charger with 72W

Jeff Dunn

If your loved one has many devices, the Nekteck 4-Port USB Wall Charger with 72W often has charging them at the same time to defuse everyday life, and keeps them within reach of four USB charging ports, including a 60W USB-C power supply (PD) port, which is common to most recent smartphones and many Ultrabooks and MacBooks ( despite the 15-inch MacBook Pro) can be topped up at maximum speed In addition to the PD connector are three 12-W USB-A ports, which can be used to charge other accessories at a cheaper price. (Note that this can only deliver 72 W at a time, so you will not get the full 12 W from each USB A port if more than one is used at the same time.)

The charger is plugged into a wall outlet, but at 3.14 x 3.74 x 1.97 inches, the station itself will not take much space on a desk. It has also been certified by the USB Implementers Forum, a panel led by Apple, Intel and other technology giants, who are working on USB specifications. So you can be sure that it will not fry any appliances over time. For $ 30 it is also good value for money.

 Nekteck USB Charger with 4 ports and 72 W Product image "class =" ars-circle-image-img ars-buy-box-image

Nekteck USB Charger with 4 ports and 72 W

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Logitech Craft

 The Logitech Craft Keyboard. "Src =" "width =" 640 "height =" 427 Enlarge / The Logitech Craft keyboard.

Valentina Palladino

A good wireless keyboard is hard to find, but Logitech's Craft is one of the more luxurious ones that stands out. It is a solid keyboard, which is relatively quiet, has a good travel quality and does not let up even after months of continuous use. It also has excellent battery life – it charges via USB-C and even lasts for a single charge for weeks. For hours of daily use, the connection to your PC is conveniently made via Bluetooth or the supplied universal USB receiver.

A particular advantage is the dial in the upper left corner of the craft. It can be programmed using the Logitech options (along with other assignable buttons) to perform various tasks, such as: For example, you can adjust the volume, change the tabs, change the contrast and brightness of a photo, and much more, depending on which program you're using. This makes it a natural choice for creatives who find the precision of the dial better than that of a trackpad or mouse, but it's also just a handy tool for ordinary users.

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Logitech Craft

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