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Video games and electronic music have overshadowed each other considerably over the years. Since both media are high-tech, it seems that fans have been drawn from one to the other.

With more and more artists participating in video game tournaments, release concerts, conventions and even games, electronic music has quickly become the unofficial genre of video games. In honor of this fruitful relationship, we have collected twelve of our favorite crossovers for EDM and video games.

Mortal Kombat

Moby Games

Since its launch in the early '90s, it has been the subject of controversial Mortal Kombat included many electronic soundtracks and crossovers, and while the legendary title track was the game-based classic trance movie of the 1990s, over the years the franchise has plunged into other areas of the electronic world, some notable examples include Skrillex The title song for the character Reptile with the accompanying soundtrack and a playable character in Mortal Kombat 11

Rocket League

Rockstar Games

The third-selling video game Grand Theft Auto V transforms its massive soundtrack into a very realistic radio station network of prominent radio hosts, talk shows and even fake commercials. When driving a vehicle, players can turn on the radio and cycle through a variety of transmitters with a variety of genres.

When the game was originally launched, two electronic transmitters were available with music from Boys Noize Green Velvet Cascade Aphex Twin Flying Lotus and more, the latter being the host and namesake of a station. Later in the game's lifecycle, there was an update that added a techno and a house station. In addition, players could buy their own nightclubs in the game and hire DJs like Solomun Dixon and The Black Madonna for residencies.



It seems almost too obvious to create an electronic soundtrack for a game over the fast-paced race of futuristic spaceships Over the years, when WipEout games were released, the music they held accompanied, with the trends of electronic music step and orbital later iterations went hand in hand with artists such as NGHTMRE and [1945] 9006] Dillon Francis .



[1945900AllowingJulythemoodforthevariousdependenciessetinwhentheyplay Minecraft . The German producer worked directly with the creator of probably the best-selling game of all time and delivered songs that are close to the heart of the fans. In addition to the included music, current music festivals have been held in the game world, including one moderated by The Walking Dead Star Chandler Riggs .

Far Cry 3

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If you ask most players about their favorite mission in Far Cry 3 was, many will say, "the Skrillex." While the game does not feature an expansive electronic soundtrack like the others on this list, one of the legendary missions in particular highlights the sounds of the pioneer of bass music's mission Meanwhile, using a flamethrower to burn the villain's marijuana supplies while fighting enemies, Skrillex and Damian Jr. are trying to play gong "Marley 's track" Make It Bun Dem "is played throughout maintain subtle humor of the franchise becomes. Zone of the Enders

Screenshot via Gamespot

Zone of the Enders an often underrated gem that contained a wonderful electronic soundtrack. The selected songs and future remixes were a product of his time and contained the sounds of the early 00s with several Drum & Bass and Electronica tracks. Although never a huge success, the songs were remastered in 2012 and released along with a remix album.

Dance Dance Revolution

Building on the successes of the Games Guitar Hero and Rock Band was DJ Hero essentially her EDM counterpart. The players exchanged the plastic guitar for a plastic turntable and blender so players could simulate DJing to the songs. With Daft Punk and deadmau5 as playable characters and more EDM tracks than we can possibly list, the developers have gone to great lengths to provide electronic fans with an interactive music performance experience.

Jet Set Radio

 Jet Set Future Radio "decoding =" async "src =" /MTY4OTU5ODkyNDAzNTI5NTM5/jetsetradio.jpg "height =" 480 "width =" 640 "itemprop =" contentUrl url "/> 

<p> The <strong> Jet Set Radio </strong> is widely regarded as one of the finest soundtracks in the history of video games The series has recorded a ton of electronic music in its pristine collections, allowing players to skate and mark the future of Tokyo with the sounds of the "future," with massive artists and lesser-known composers, and it was truly an experience to watch and the fans still rant and swear (pun intended) about the music two decades later. </p>
<h2> Kingdom Hearts III </h2>
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