The CW Is Planning On Bringing Again ‘The Recreation’ With Some Of The Authentic Solid


Do we have fans of "The Game"? Well, let me bring you some good news tonight as Deadline reports that the CW is bringing back its previous show with some of the original cast.

It has been 13 years since The Das Spiel helped launch the CW, and now the popular show with the creator of the original series, Mara Brock Akil, and the co-creator of the American soul, Devon Greggory, return to the network.

he new version of The Game will have a new take on the east coast and of a half hour comedy in San Diego set to switch to a one-hour dramedy in Baltimore.

As for the return to the new show, this was not officially announced, but Hosea Chanchez, who played Malik Wright, and Brittany Daniel, who played Kelly Pitts, both have the good news posted on social media.

Chanchez can certainly be said and Wright are definitely on board.

The new show is described as follows: Beginners of school control the reckless football game on and next to the field. You will overcome the traps of fame, fortune and love. Some will win, others will lose, but that's what happens when you play The Game. “

The Game, a spin-off of Akil’s longstanding UPN / the CW comedy series Freundinnen was on the CW for three seasons before they were canceled when the network basically stopped making half-hour comedy films. The show was later picked up by BET, where it aired for another six seasons.

Roommates, are you here to see a new version of "The Game"? Let us know!

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