The 100 Greatest Avenue Fashion Appears to be like Of 2019


Every week, we send out a group of photographers to find the best-dressed men in the best-dressed cities in the world and to win their outfits for themselves popular street style section. The result is a steady stream of style inspirations not from the red carpet or the runway, but from ordinary men like you. 2019, gentlemen, you have not disappointed us.

Our photographers recorded the great changes and emerging male trends in the outfits of ordinary men. This was the year when the big change in tailoring became normal – note that it loosens and only a few ties are worn underneath. It was also the year in which the men had dedicated themselves to the outdoors. Fleece and Gore-Tex were the unlikely must-have fabrics, Trail Runner the surprising sneaker trend.

We saw eye-catching bags and large scarfs that were considered casual wear and bold color choices.

The best on the streets, however, we noticed how men took very comfortable and practical clothes and wore them in interesting ways. That's what this style is all about. Take the following as inspiration for your 2020 wardrobe.


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