That is the Google Pixel 4a: Punch-hole show, headphone jack, and a single digital camera


Google's most successful pixel to date will be further developed in 2020, and today is the first look.

Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (known online as OnLeaks) and 91Mobiles have just released renderings showing the Google Pixel 4a, which is expected sometime in the next few months.

As with other leaks from Hemmerstoffer These pictures are created from CAD circuit diagrams of the device. Hemmerstoffer has had an impressive track record as he has released dozens of accurate leaks from high-profile devices in recent years. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that some details of the renderings turn out to be inaccurate. So take them with the usual grain of salt.

So what's interesting about these first renderings with Google Pixel 4a?

For one, the Pixel 4a will have a hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the screen. This is a first for Pixel devices – the Pixel 4 and 4 XL have large top bezels, while the previous generation had a notch.

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These are all details that are included in the report, but we do can make some educated guesses about the Pixel 4a (and 4a XL). Judging by the specifications of pixel 3a, the 4a will be a solid if not impressive performer. The camera is similar to that of Pixel 4 and offers the same software functions as astrophotography. The battery is hopefully more powerful than the 3,000 mAh battery of this year's model. We don't expect any major changes in price – the Pixel 3a and 3a XL are priced at $ 399 and $ 479, respectively, and their successors are likely to be offered at the same price. Google could release the Pixel 4a a little earlier than last year, although we cannot rule out another launch of Google I / O. In the latter case, Pixel 4a could be launched in mid-May 2020.

Estimated specifications and features of Google Pixel 4a

  • Leaked so far:
    • 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch screen
    • Hole selfie camera
    • 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2 mm (9 mm including camera joint)
    • headphone jack
    • USB Type-C
    • Fingerprint scanner (mounted on the back)
    • Single camera
  • Our guesses
    • Plastic housing
    • Resolution 1080 x 2160, OLED, Asahi Dragontrail -Glass
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 64 GB memory
    • 12.2 MP main camera, 8MP selfie camera
    • 3.000-3.200mAh

What do you think of these renderings?


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