Test Out DJI’s Newest Gimbal For Smartphones


Earlier, a leaked video suggested that DJI might have a new smartphone gimbal in the works. It turns out that the official announcement wasn't too far back, as DJI has since got its hands on the latest gimbal in the form of the Osmo Mobile 4, the successor to the Osmo Mobile 3 launched last year.

The leaked video covered pretty much everything we know about the device, but in case you missed it, the Osmo Mobile 4 is vastly better than its predecessor. One of the biggest changes to the gimbal is the way you attach your phone to it. In the past, users had to rely on a clamp to secure their devices. This can be a little tricky, especially if you want to remove or attach them quickly.

With the Osmo Mobile 4, however, DJI has introduced a magnet mount. While you still need a clamp to clip one end of the magnet onto your smartphone, you can just leave it there if you want and attaching it to the gimbal will be a breeze. It also comes with new and updated features like auto tracking, gesture control, preprogrammed movements, and more.

The Osmo Mobile 4 will also be foldable, which will make it easier for you to move around during transport. I'm on the go. For those interested, the Osmo Mobile 4 is $ 149 and is available now.

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