Tekashi 69’s Child Mama, Sara Molina, Slams Him Following The Last Verdict: ‘He Thinks He’s A Prophet Of God!’


As you probably know by now, Tekashi 69 was unable to run free after the trial. The prison sentence was 24 months and the prison term was five years.

His little mother Sara Molina went online and made a video dealing with the events.

As expected, she continued to hit the young rapper, as you will see below:

Sara has not been supported for a long time.

Someone said: & # 39; She knew it would get her clout if she was there live today. & # 39; And someone else spoke to something Sara said in the video: & # 39; She said it was so normal that he hit me in the face. & # 39;

Another commentator said, "If it's so terrible, why don't you just go on with your life and deny that it exists?"

Someone else posted this, pointing out that Tekashi accused Sara of having slept with his manager: "If she doesn't talk about Tekashi mentioned in court today that Shotti was beating?"

Another follower wrote: "I pray that everyone in a dark place who is depressed or wants to give up knows that he is loved and I believe in him! He has a plan! 🙏🏽 💙 ’

A commentator said: "If you read this, I wish you good health and success in 2020."

One person posted the following: "If you don't care, why log in to social media at all?" People cannot do anything without posting it. "

Someone else struck Sara and wrote, "The only reason she knows is because of him." Do you want to be known for something other than just riding a rapper rock tail? I mean honest brother. "


Other fans wondered how his current girlfriend, Jade, is doing after finding out that her boo is not going to be released now.

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