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Taylor Swift, who looked mighty in a gold chain jumpsuit, was not surprised by any man at Billboard Women in Music Event 2019. Taylor slammed Scooter Braun onto the podium as she received the award from her Wife of the Decade.

Taylor Swift not only had a fantastic year, it also had a phenomenal decade! The singer "Lover" has completed the amazing last few months with an incredible milestone in her career: she has taken the honor of the Woman of the Decade by courtesy of Billboard. Taylor accepted the award at the Hollywood Palladium event on December 13, and wanted the audience to know she would not allow a man or record label to undermine her success as an artist. "I've seen that as a woman in this industry, some people have the slightest reservations about you," she said on the microphone. These "reservations" include "whether a man was really responsible in the studio" or "whether it was an accomplished record label [responsible for her success]". Then she went over to a new fight she faces: private equity. Scooter Brown and Taylor's former record label Big Machine Records are on the other side of this fight.

"Recently, there has been a new shift that has personally affected me, and as your noisy resident, I feel like I need to address them, and that's the unregulated world of private equity and the people who own yours Buy music … [like] It's a shoe line, it happened to me without my consent, advice, or approval, "Taylor explained on the podium, bringing her feud into the billboard with Scooter and her former record label boss, Scott Borchetta. Scooter acquired $ 300 million of Scott's record label in June and thus acquired the rights to Taylor's first six albums, which was more dreadful than Taylor's "worst nightmares" as she used them in her original reaction to the Deal had been accused for years of "manipulative mobbing."

Taylor even called out Scooter's followers during their speech, some of whom, according to Billboard, were sitting in the same room! "And of course, Scooter has never contacted me or my team to discuss it before the sale or even when it was announced. I'm pretty sure he knew exactly how I would feel, and let me just say that the definition of the venomous male privilege in our industry is, "But he was always nice to me," when I am We have legitimate concerns about the artists and their right to own their music, "Taylor told the audience. In her next line Taylor could have dropped the microphone: "And of course he's nice to you – when you're in this room, you have something he needs."

Before her powerful Taylor had just as much respect for Taylor in her asymmetric, gold-embroidered navy jumpsuit: Taylor is the boss of the pop music industry, no matter who owns the legal rights to her music! Obviously, Scooter Taylor does not look on eye as the celebrity manager on May 22. In November, he published an open letter in which he claimed that his "attempts and appeals to conduct an open discussion with [Taylor] over the last six months were rejected."

Taylor has received some awards this evening. She recently broke the record, which was once held by Michael Jackson for most American Music Awards! In addition, she received three Grammy nominations for her album "Lover", including "Best Pop Solo Performance" for "You Need To Calm Down", "Best Pop Vocal Album" for "Lover" and "Song of the Year" for " Lover ".

But for Taylor, the honors and statuettes mean so much more than words can express. "Every artist or person in the room wants to create something that will last," she said during her acceptance speech for Artist of the Decade at the American Music Awards on November 24th. And the fact that this is an award that celebrates a decade of hard work … fun and memories … All that matters to me are the memories I've had over the years with you – you, the fans , We had fun together and like to go on. Thank you for being the reason I am on this stage from the first day of my career until today. Thanks – I'm so happy I can do that, "she said.

It was clearly a remarkable decade for Taylor, who can only look forward to more! Fans can not wait to see what the artist will do in the future with her music, platform and activism.


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