Swizz Beatz’s Child Mama Is Not Completely happy With Alicia Keys As A Stepmother To Her Daughter, Swizz Beatz Responds


Things in the family of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are currently out of harmony.

While Swizz and the mother of his children often seem to be successful together, the mother of his daughter Nicole comments on their situation and turns against Alicia Keys as stepmother.

In a lengthy Instagram scold, Jahna Sebastian scolds several claims about Alicia's relationship with her daughter. She has since deleted the post, but you can read it below:

Jahna has the post with the title “I speak now. There are women in the same position. Women in general have been asked throughout history to say nothing when there have been problems. This is the time for the truth. "

To summarize her main problems, Jahna said that she did not like Alicia Keys supposedly buying her daughter's phone and controlling it for her without Jahna's permission. She also said that she didn't like her daughter to call Alicia "mother".

Well, Swizz Beatz got wind of Jahna's scolding and called on her not to tell him and his wife about these problems privately. He added that they had spoken to Jahna recently and there were no complaints from their end.

Swizz commented under her post to correct the record:

“The first of all Nicole doesn't have her own phone! Second, this is my cell phone that I do not use so that she can call you instead of calling my cell phone and looking for her! Third, no one has forced Nicole to call her anything she chose to call her UMI! I won't let any of my kids do things they don't want – period! 4h, we were on the phone and you had nothing to say about it, you were all sweet and nice !! You know my number, if you have no problem call me !! Stop doing that !!! “

You had a little time before Jahna finally deleted the post. We hope that these parents can make it and return peacefully to co-parenting.

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