Sony’s Successor To The WH1000XM3 Headphones May Be Coming Quickly


When it came to wireless headphones, Bose used to dominate this area. However, in recent years, Sony has introduced the WH1000XM series, which has gained popularity with every release. If you've paid attention to the headphones, you may want to buy them first.

This is because, according to a recent FCC sighting, Sony may have a new version of the headphones in the device. The latest model is the Sony WH1000XM3. Aside from changes to model number and name, and based on the FCC filing, it has been found that the next model will be known as WH1000XM4.

Exactly what kind of changes Sony has made to wait for the headphones. The headphones in their current form provide noise cancellation and gesture control features that allow users to move gestures on the ear cups to control media playback. Users can even tap the ear cups to turn off the noise canceling feature so they can have short conversations with those around them.

There is no word about when the WH1000XM4 headphones will be launched, but CES 2020 will take place over the next few weeks, so we may not have to wait long to find out.

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