Somebody Hacked A Household’s ‘Ring’ Safety Digicam And Instructed Their Eight-12 months-Outdated Daughter He Was Santa Claus


Hackers are on a new level of horror these days and are now going far too far to deal with to the children of the people. One family claims someone has hacked the camera of their ring security system and harassed their child.

It happened in Mississippi, and this is just one example in which hackers have figured out how to log in without ring accounts the user's knowledge, reports CNN. The irony is clearly that this invasion of privacy stems from the one thing the family has bought to protect her affiliate WMC that she has installed the camera in the room of her daughters to let her while she works in nursing overnight. "I did a lot of research before I got it. You know, I felt really safe, "LeMay said.

The footage shows LeMay's 8-year-old daughter Alyssa, who enters her room after hearing noises. You can see her asking, "Who is this?" Before a man replies, "I'm your best friend, I'm Santa … I'm Santa, do not you want to be my best friend?"

WMC reported that the unknown person continued to harass the girl, mocking her and encouraging her to destroy her room.

"I've seen the video and mean my heart like … I did not even come to the end where they're … Mama, Mama & # 39; screams before I run into it. "LeMay said.

The break-in was reportedly only four days after LeMay installed her ring system when she was taking care of her husband and her children home.

Ring told CNN that the hacker was denied access to the family system due to data breach or endangerment of ring security. Instead, the person has probably taken advantage of the family's weak account security.

"Customer trust is important to us and we take the safety of our equipment seriously," the statement says. "We have investigated this incident and can confirm that it is in no way related to a breach or compromise on Ring's security."

Ring users often use the same username and password for their various accounts and subscriptions.

If these fall into the hands of hackers, these devices could be compromised.

"As a precaution, we strongly and unreservedly recommend to all Ring users to enable two-factor authentication for their Ring account, to add shared users (instead of sharing credentials), strong passwords and to change their passwords regularly, "the statement says.

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