Samsung May Let You Mirror A number of Telephones To A TV


Undoubtedly, you already have Die Ability to transfer or mirror the screen of your smartphone to a TV, of course, this also depends on the smartphone and the TV.

However, for most users it is possible to switch the screen of your smartphone to any type Transfer smart TV you own.

This time, though, Samsung looks like it's got something better to put your smartphone on TV.

According to reports from a Dutch release LetsGoDigital , Samsung has filed a trademark for a new software feature with the European Union Intellectual Property Office – Samsung Tap View.

As the name of the function indicates, All you need is a simple tip To transfer or mirror the screen of your smartphone to your TV, it essentially looks like Samsung is working to make the screen effortless.

In addition to this feature, you may also be able to transfer multiple smartphones to a single TV. We're not sure how it works – but it should be a promising feature if it's officially launched soon.

Even though we do not know if it will be a device-exclusive feature – this should be a useful addition to many users who prefer to transfer their smartphone screen to a TV. What do you think?

Featured Image : LetsGoDigital

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