Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Pictures Leaked


Photo Credits – XDA Developer

Before the announcement of AirPods Pro, there were rumors that Apple's AirPods could be equipped with active noise cancellation features to be true. Now it looks like Samsung could try the same thing with its Galaxy Buds, and now, thanks to leaked images, we have an idea of ​​what the upcoming Galaxy Buds + could look like.

This is based on discovered images of the good people at XDA Developers in the latest APK from Samsung's SmartThings app, which means that the leaked images are actually quite legitimate. However, if you were hoping for a new design, you might be disappointed as the leaked images suggest that Samsung may not be making any changes to the design.

This means that users may have found the Galaxy Buds. This may not work as well as they would like the Galaxy Buds + to do, but if you actually like the current design, this is probably a good thing , Aside from the leaked images, not much else is known about the earphones except speculation that they may have active noise cancellation.

We expect the Galaxy Buds + to be announced at CES 2020, or in the most likely scenario, to be at Samsung's own event earlier this year and to introduce the Galaxy S11.

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