Samsung Galaxy A10 was best-selling Android telephone of Q3 2019



Counterpoint Research has released its list of best-selling smartphones for the third quarter of 2019 and Apple is ahead of the quarter.

The iPhone XR was a leader, accounting for three percent of sales in that period. According to Counterpoint, with the exception of the first quarter (Q3 2018), it was the world's best smartphone in every quarter so far. Apple was also in fifth place, with the iPhone 11 accounting for 1.6% of sales.

Samsung also performed well, with the Galaxy A10 in second place (2.6%) and the most popular Android phone in the third quarter of 2019. This was not the only Samsung device in the top ten, the Galaxy A50 (third device) and the Galaxy A20 (seventh device) also had strong sales. Everything indicates that the company's decision to focus on the budget segment pays off. The Galaxy A10 is the cheapest device in its new A series.

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Oppo was another surprise artist this quarter, with the Oppo A9 in fourth place, the Oppo A5 on the Oppo A5 took sixth place eight.

Interestingly, the Huawei P30 was the only Android flagship among the top ten (and the only Huawei phone) that only Samsung and Oppo brought home goods to the table. Counterpoint has an explanation for the poor Android flagship display.

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The tracking company stated that total sales of top ten models increased 9% year over year compared to total sales of top ten phones in the third quarter of 2018. However, combined revenue declined 30% year over year as customers opted for inexpensive phones rather than flagship phones. In addition, according to the tracking company, there were five flagship phones in the top ten a year ago, compared to only three.

The trend towards low-cost phones is not surprising either, as a flood of traditionally first-class functions suggests their way to cheaper phones. Between triple cameras (or even quad-shooters), built-in fingerprint sensors and OLED screens, you can even say that 2019 has been the most impressive year for cheap phones so far. Things will only pick up speed in 2020, as 5G is below the flagship segment for the first time.


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