Romeo Miller Addresses His Present Relationship With Angela Simmons In Prolonged Instagram Submit—“We Haven’t Been Shut In Years”


Phew, Romeo Miller only clapped Angela Simmons back in the most classy way. If you've followed the couple's relationship to "Growing Up Hip Hop," you're probably familiar with the roller coaster. Well, after the last episode in which Angela asked him about his loyalty, he decided to clear things up with an Instagram post.

The audience of "GUHH" definitely noticed the increasing tension and uncomfortable vibrations between the performers. Members Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller – luckily we just found out why. In the current season of the show, Angela Romeo has repeatedly accused her of ignoring what is reported to have started after Angela's ex-fiance and baby daddy Sutton Tennyson was murdered in November 2018. Angela claimed Romeo had promised that he would be there to support her after such a devastating loss, but so far this has not been the case.

In the last episode, Angela appeared unsolicited at Romeo's party to ask why he was so far away. Now that the episode aired, Romeo made a very detailed explanation of the current status of their relationship.

His partial message was:

“I'm not the one who entertains gossip, but it sucks when people play with my faith. So I'll leave it here for once. Faith is not about being perfect (or judging), but rather about showing / spreading your light in the hope of helping others. Without saying too much, yes I get things that have been edited in a certain way, just read between the lines. Greetings to the fan who posted this clip because I was nothing but respectful and although we have our differences, I will never release anyone from friendship about what he publishes on social media. "

" The context of me and V [Vanessa] convo was more about the fact that every ACTION has a REACTION and can live with it. So life is. We all have free will and are constantly changing. As for me and Ang (just like others in my life), we haven't been close for years and I refuse to lie on TV. The silver lining, what I like about this @guhh_wetv show is that the viewer can learn so many gems of life without having to go through them. “

Angela has not yet responded publicly to Romeo's mail.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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