Razer Unveils A Much less Garish Keyboard And Mouse For Workplace Use


Razer is probably best known for making gaming accessories and peripherals such as keyboards and mice. They are usually characterized by a “gamer” aesthetic, ie dark colors such as black and colorful RGB lighting. While there's nothing wrong with this look, it might not be ideal in places like an office.

It's also not ideal for home use if you are aiming for a cleaner, less RGB aesthetic. Why should you be pleased to know that Razer has since announced its new Razer Productivity Suite? These include a new Pro-Click mouse that the company developed with Humanscale, a new Razer Pro mechanical keyboard with Razer's orange mechanical switches and, last but not least, the Razer Pro Glide mouse pad.

As You Can In the photo above, the Razer Productivity Suite and accessories are available in a muted white / gray finish that will more easily blend into the office or home, especially if you want a minimalist and clean look would like. These accessories are sold separately with the Razer Pro Click Mouse for $ 100, the Razer Pro Type for $ 140, and the Razer Pro Glide for $ 10.

If these are accessories you might be interested in, please stop by the Razer website for purchase details.

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