(PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Sequence 5 Reportedly In The Works


We have already seen how Apple created (PRODUCT) RED devices like the iPhone. However, according to a report from WatchGeneration.fr, it is claimed that Apple may have a new (PRODUCT) RED option for the Apple Watch Series 5 in the factories that could be announced in time.

The RED products from Appe (PRODUCT) differ from the regular Apple products with a clear red finish. Internally they are all the same and it is essentially a new color option. There is also the added benefit that each time a (PRODUCT) RED device is sold, part of the proceeds will go to raise awareness about HIV / AIDS.

This is an interesting device if the rumors are correct. This is because a red Apple Watch will be very unique. At the moment, the Apple Watch is not available in many color options, where the Apple Watch can mainly be adjusted using the straps in different colors and materials.

For those who wear I see no need to buy a new Apple Watch Series 5, especially if they have it. The report also claims that it could also come with (PRODUCT) RED tapes, so you can always do your part by buying the tapes as an alternative.

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