Preserve your property lit and protected with LED safety lights


It's funny how many Christmas films – The Grinch, Die Hard, Home Alone – are raid films. A security system can help avoid unwanted guests, and this triple pack of motion-activated LED security lights is available. This week, they're only $ 25.50 with our promo code .

You can place these lamps anywhere, and as long as they receive sunlight for the solar panels they will work all night. As soon as dawn falls, the lights turn on automatically in the dark and light up every time motion is detected . The LED safety lights are protected by a heat-resistant and waterproof IP65 housing so that they work all year round.

The motion sensors have a range of ten feet to catch intruders, or if you just want to take your dog out. The safety lights are powered by a 900 mAh battery (19459003) with 20 bright LEDs (19459004). The built-in solar panel is a small 5.5 V polysilicon unit that fully charges during the day.

LED emergency lights at a glance:

  • With 20 bright LEDs
  • Solar powered so you never have to charge
  • Activated by a motion sensor
  • Wetter heat-resistant and heat-resistant housing

A 3-pack of safety lights has one retail price of $ 90 but you can get yours now for only $ 25.50. Just make sure you use coupon code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout to save almost 70% on retail. If you don't need three lamps, one and two packs are also available.

The inventory is limited, as is the time for this offer. Click the widget below to fire the light.

$ 25 .50

LED Safety Lights Use Offer Code: MERRYSAVE15

Save $ 64 .50

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Use the offer code: MERRYSAVE15

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