Porsha Williams Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Beautiful Niece, Kayla – See The Lady With Stunning Child PJ


Porsha Williams has just celebrated the birthday of her beautiful niece Kayla for Christmas. Porsha has had her best days and she couldn't be happier for those vacations that are surrounded by her family.

The RHOA star showed Kayla and the beautiful girl Pilar Jehna McKinley some wonderful photos.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful niece Kayla !! I love you soooo much. "Porsha used her post as a title.

Someone said, "Happy Birthday, honey, I wish you a nice day".

Another follower praised Kayla and said, "Wow, she's getting prettier and every picture prettier." I hope that she will enjoy her special birthday party here with family and friends until the full ibex season. "

A follower raved about PJ's eyebrows: "PJ's eyebrows are spot on, girl" – happy birthday, Kayla !!! Please give me PJ. I love her so much. PJ IG aunt and mom. Merry christmas to you all. "

Another follower posted this: "Beauty runs in the family happy birthday Kayla".

Someone else said: "Happy Birthday, your beautiful niece and our Lord and Redeemer", but Idk, who this YT man is. I don't know him, I honestly can't tell you who he is. "


Recently Porsha shared a post that contains two photos and a clip with her baby PJ on social media. She sits in the car and looks at a few cartoons. You couldn't look sweeter.

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