Physician Sues Apple Over The Apple Watch’s Afib Detection Characteristic


One of the newer features in the Apple Watch is the ability to check whether the user has Afib or not. This is thanks to the built-in ECG monitoring tool, which has been reported to have saved many lives since its introduction. However, it seems that not everyone is enthusiastic about the function.

One of them is a certain Dr. Joseph Wiesel from New York University, who is currently suing Apple for the Apple Watch Afib function. According to Wiesel's lawsuit, the Apple Watch appears to have infringed his patent, which he believes was the “breakthrough” in monitoring Afib.

Wiesel was granted a patent back in 2006 describing the procedure for monitoring “irregular pulse rhythms from a series of time intervals”. Wiesel also claims to have informed Apple about a possible partnership as early as 2017, but apparently was rejected. In his lawsuit, Wiesel asks the court to prevent Cupertino from using the technology, as well as for royalties that he found guilty.

It is unclear how this case should be resolved and whether Apple and Wiesel might. Agreement can be reached, but it is definitely not the first time that the company has been accused of someone else's patent hurt, although this is quite common among large technology companies that are constantly in the spotlight.

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