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Peak Design has grown from a crowdfunding climber to a trusted accessory brand for photographers, and this week introduced updates to its "Everyday" backpack and bag line. These new and improved designs offer things that impress anyone who was previously a fan of Peak's work, and should also attract the company's brand new fans based on my tests with the brand new Everyday Backpack Zip 20L and the updated Everyday Backpack V2 30L.

Everyday backpack Zip 20L

The Everyday Backpack Zip is a brand new product for Peak that is heavily inspired by the Everyday backpack, but opts for a full zip instead of the MagLatch that he developed and introduced for the Everyday line. If you choose to use a zipper instead of the MagLatch, the zipper backpack doesn't offer the same capacity expansion so you can store more … stuff … in the top compartment, but also offers its own advantages depending on your needs depend.

First, there is the price: The Zip 20L backpack I tested costs $ 219.95, which is $ 40 less than the corresponding everyday backpack with a magnetic closure. It's not a big gap, but if you want to save a few dollars it's a good value for what you get. The zip also has a smaller capacity of 15 liters, the smallest for every everyday backpack. This is a nice, compact bag for anyone who has a smaller frame or wants to carry less luggage.

The zipper housing is also interesting in itself, so that you can open the back of the bag completely if you want. By default, there are rigid partition walls in the backpack that effectively give it shelves. However, if you want to remove them, this is the easiest to pack peak backpack in this daypack size range. It is therefore a good choice for anyone looking for a backpack that should not be used as a camera bag.

The Everyday Zip also has a lot of connection points to hang your gear on, as well as improved zippers compared to the original Peak packaging. There is a special laptop bag with a tablet pocket that fits 15-inch laptops on the 20L and 13-inch laptops on the 15L. The 20L also features the brand new, adjustable laptop bag design that Peak introduced for this generation. It includes an adjustable shelf that makes it easier to hold smaller laptops without falling all the way down. It is also compatible with the standard V2 backpack and offers an impressive and user-friendly improvement in quality of life.

Like the everyday backpack, the zipper also has a continuous luggage strap with which it can be attached to a roller on its way through an airport. Interlocking zipper pulls can prevent anyone from opening the bag quickly to try to manage fast pass-by theft. The hard-wearing exterior made of ripstop material is also ideal for lifelong sustainability.

In terms of capacity, this is a smaller bag, but it still fits a lot of gear – I could use my Sony 70-200 f / 2.8 GM, Sony 100-400 f / 2.8 GM and my Sony A7R IV with attached 24-70 f / 2.8 GM, although the adjustment to the necessary accessories is probably too narrow and it is worthwhile to switch to the larger sizes of the V2.

Everyday backpack V2 30L

The improved Everyday Backpack V2 brings the MagLatch back with a new design that, according to Peak, is "more ergonomic and leaner". It is definitely less noticeable than before and seems to be more intuitive to use, which is good news. The sides are again accessible via two zipped compartments (all zippers have been improved and designed for longer durability) and the interior is divided by three supplied flexible Velcro dividers.

The overall picture of the Everyday Backpack V2 has been optimized – and for the better. It was already one of the better looking photo backpacks you could buy, but Peak has rounded it off in this generation and improved the look of all the seams to get a look that generally promises more quality and attention to detail.

Peak sent me the 30L version for review, and the difference in capacity between the 30L version and the 20L zip version allows more things to be stowed away, including all the different accessories like extra batteries and chargers, microphones and a lot more What you will probably want to do is shoot a dedicated photo or video with you. I could easily pack the above-mentioned combination of lens and housing together with a Mavic Mini and a second Sony A7III housing in the 30L


This height-adjustable laptop bag is available again and makes an even bigger difference with the 30L, since the bag is initially lower. On my existing V1 Everyday, chasing the company's 13-inch MacBook Pro in this cavernous bag was always a bit like diving deep to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but it's really easy and far less here likely your fingers will burn the carpet.

The shoulder straps of the Everyday V2 have also been improved and feel more comfortable after initial tests. You now also have embedded magnets that can be attached to the back of the bag when you are not carrying it. This is especially useful if you are stowing the bag in a luggage compartment of an airplane or putting it through the scanner at the airport security checkpoint. It's a small detail, but the entire Peak representative is built on it, including small details like the various stowable straps that get in the way when you need them and then offer great comfort.


Just like the originals, Peak has launched probably the most sophisticated, carefully designed photo backpacks with the V2 series. The fact that Peak, as a company, is now also focused on ensuring that it can manufacture and deliver its products in a climate-neutral manner is only an additional benefit of its ability to design and supply high quality and functional equipment.

Peak & # 39; s things are not for everyone – for less money you can definitely get good photo equipment. But it is a category-leading choice for anyone who has the means and value when looking for a long-term, modular solution that can be used anywhere.


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