Pay what you wish to be taught future-focused programming


Technology is changing rapidly, and the skills a programmer must have are changing with it. To learn how to become a 2020 developer, you can purchase the Pay What You Want: Programming Into the Future Bundle at a price of your choice .

This beginner -friendly bundle covers a variety of programming languages, including commonly used scripts such as Python and Angular 2. You can stream the video tutorials to your device and in Learn your own time ]

From Angular 2 to Python Django and everything in between.

Large technology companies produce their own languages, and some of these more niche options are also included in this package. Go and Dart are two languages ​​developed by Google and each has a special learning kit in the bundle.

This bundle differs from most of the bundles we have on offer in that you state your price. It's called the Pay What You Want: program into the future for a reason.

The Pay What You Want Bundle:

 Pay What You Programming into the Future Bundle "width =" 1200 "height =" 695 "/> <img class= $ 13 .25

Pay What You Want: Programming into the Future

] Save $ 543 .75

Now Buy

Save $ 543 .75 $ 13 .25

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