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On December 23, 2011, Skrillex released his fourth EP, Bangarang. It was released just over a year after its legendary second EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and saw the bass phenomenon collaborate with some of the biggest names in music for one of his best collections. The eight-track romp named after the film Hook was to serve as a soundtrack for the massive EDM boom that was taking place at the time.

Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) did not waste time with long, dramatic introductions. The opening track with the appropriate title "Right In" thrilled the audience right in front of the gate when Moore triggered a dizzying frenzy of growling bass lines, intricately placed keys and some of his characteristic, hacked vocal rehearsals.

This was followed by the title song and one of the most famous records by Moore, "Bangarang" with Sirah . It was inspired directly by a line in the film from which it got its name, and Sirah called for lost boys before the characters' signature ushered in an incredibly contagious bass drop that expressed his impressive production skills.

The title single would receive the music video treatment and become another entry in Moore's series of whimsically bizarre videos. In addition to its visual accompaniment, the track was shown in several video games and included in the film Deadpool 2.

On the following track "Breakin & # 39; a Sweat" Moore collaborated with an unexpected act: legendary rock band The Doors . The crossing of the worlds was created by the documentary Re: Generation, which challenged electronic and non-electronic artists to work together and create a fusion of their sounds. The result was a seamless blend of the classic sound from The Doors and Moore's futuristic electronic style. "Breakin & # 39; a Sweat" would also be the first release in over thirty years from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -induced band.

For the next pair of tracks, Moore teamed up with some of the best electronic producers. He brought things into the underworld with Electro-House-Maestro Wolfgang Gartner for "The Devil & # 39; s Den" during "Right On Time" two of the best tasters and producers of Bass music introduced Kill the Noise and the 12th Planet .

In "Kyoto", the heaviest melody on the record, Moore recruited the singing talent of Sirah for a chaotic, guitar-driven melody with pounding bass drops and power chords. For "Summit", one of the greatest pop stars in the world, Ellie Goulding helped Moore create a downtempo melody that was much needed after the chaos that preceded it. The final track was a touching orchestral piece by Varien that breathes new life into a series of songs from the former From First to Last Frontman & # 39; s Library.

Based on almost Bangarang was a complete success. The EP was awarded platinum in over five countries, received widespread recognition, and received two Grammys at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards in 2012 while supporting his claim to the American EDM throne.


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