Official Assertion From Martin Garrix Clarifies Implications Of Spinnin’ Information’ Profitable Courtroom Attraction


This week it was announced that Spinnin & # 39; Records and MusicAllStars (MAS) were the management that Martin Garrix & # 39; Career started when he was just starting to win an appeal against the 2015 and 2017 lawsuit against Garrix. As a result of this lawsuit, Garrix regained the rights and masters of some of his greatest hits, including the song that broke him as an artist. “Animals. ”

When your EDM was made aware of the successful objection this week, the precise consequences of the objection have not been sufficiently clarified. In a follow-up email, Spinnin / MAS representatives said about Your EDM: “Because Garrix canceled the agreements in 2015, he had the rights back in his hand. Now the Supreme Court ruled that Garrix had wrongly picked up. Spinnin has lost the rights and Garrix has to pay for any damage that will be discovered in the near future. "

A statement by Martin Garrix's management earlier this morning clarifies some necessary information. First, Martin is still recognized as a master owner / record producer of all titles that were returned to him in the 2017 judgment. Second, the only result of this week's successful appeal is that “MAS will be compensated for some outstanding items for their work from January 2015 through July 30, 2015 (which is nothing special) and that Spinnin & # 39; Records will not receive any compensation , "

"MAS and Spinnin won nothing with these cases, except that they incurred enormous costs for themselves and Martijn," it continues. "If they had agreed on Martijn's reasonable demands in 2015, all of this could have been prevented."

You can read the full explanation below.

First, it is important to understand that Martijn Garritsen initiated this lawsuit against MusicAllStars Management (MAS) and Spinnin & # 39; Records because his co-management scooter Braun Projects and his consultants failed to reach an agreement in 2015 on the return of and to obtain future ownership of Martijn's master rights and current management contract.

Martijn therefore no longer had confidence in working with MAS due to Mr. Van Kooten's conflicts of interest. Mr. Van Kooten refused any reasonable cooperation that forced Martijn to unilaterally terminate the contracts with MAS and Spinnin and, if this did not work, to terminate on July 30, 2015. Martijn's lawyers put forward various reasons for the dismissal. The Lelystad Court recognized an error as the first reason for the termination of the agreements and on that basis the contracts were terminated. In addition, the Court ruled that Martijn is the record producer and therefore all rights to his titles are with him and not with Spinnin ’Records.

The result of accepting an error as the reason for the termination was that Spinnin and MAS had to compensate Martijn financially. MAS and Spinnin appealed and the appeals court upheld the ruling that Martijn is the record company and that he owns all rights to his tracks. Instead of making an error, the appellate court ruled for other reasons that Martijn had argued that Martijn was entitled to terminate his contracts on July 30, 2015 and that they would not continue until July 30, 2017, as MAS and Spinnin claimed.

With the decision of the Court of Appeals, Martijn primarily got what he wanted: recognition as master owner / record producer and confirmation that he did not have to fulfill his contracts before July 30, 2017. Particularly important to him because he hopes that other young artists recognize their (music) rights. Martijn said four years ago that protecting his fellow musicians was an important reason for him to start this fight, and in this sense Martijn is satisfied with the result.

The Court of Appeals ruled that MAS received compensation for some outstanding positions for their work from January 2015 to July 30, 2015 (which is not a special case) and that Spinnin ’Records received no compensation.

MAS and Spinnin won nothing with these cases, except that they caused enormous costs for themselves and Martijn. If they had agreed on Martijn's reasonable demands in 2015, all of this could have been prevented.

We hope to have answered all questions and wish everyone a happy new year and a successful 2020.

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