Nordic Multi-Vacation spot Journey – Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki


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With so many amazing countries to choose from in Europe, the Nordic countries are often overlooked. However, with long days in summer and pristine snow in winter, the Nordic countries can be beautiful places to visit.

Northerners are known for their breathtaking scenery, dense forests and clear lakes, and vibrant, modern cities. Although these countries are often thrown together in terms of language and culture, they are by no means equal. Denmark, Sweden and Finland each have their own characteristics and a rich history.

Due to the good connections between the capitals of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki (Denmark, Sweden and Finland) these are perfect destinations for a multi-city trip. Discover each of these capitals with their distinctive architecture, history, art, culture and cuisine. If you drive between them over land and sea, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape. The Nordics are an attractive destination for international travelers looking for comfort and convenience due to their high standard of living, safety and excellent English language skills.

If you are planning a trip to several destinations in the Nordic countries, here is our recommended itinerary to explore Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki.

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