Nitti Gritti & FuntCase Wrap Up 2019 With Huge Dubstep Collab, “To Demise”


We are in the last hours of 2019 and Nitti Gritti and FuntCase only had to do it one last time to reach them. Nitti is a fantastic chameleon in the studio capable of doing anything he can think of, and FuntCase is the legendary dubstep producer he is. When the two are in the studio together, they come to "To Death".

Much of this track sounds like old-fashioned Never Say Die vibes, with harrowing synths, a hint of melody, and some seriously aggressive bass. But at the end of the day, it still shows the talents and sounds of both artists in a brilliant way, with a unique twist and recognizable clarity in production.

Watch "To Death" now on Thrive Music when you're ready to start the new year a little harder!


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